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Decatur Electronics has an authorized service center network across North America that offers support and services for under warranty and out of warranty products, including maintenance, certifications and/or repairs.

Proudly Made in the USA

Decatur Electronics is the premiere manufacturer of police radar, traffic safety equipment and speed measurement devices in the world.

Our radar products incorporate cutting edge technology, operator friendly features and are engineered with the user in mind. Decatur Electronics products are unmatched in product reliability.

Durability & Accuracy for 68 Years

For over 68 years, Decatur Electronics has been providing traffic management solutions of unparalleled quality, accuracy, speed and reliability to Police Forces all over the world.

Buy with confidence from a company that has a pedigree of success.

Cooperative Buying

Attention government buyers, federal government – state, local & tribal government entities – Cash in on Decatur Electronics Cooperative Buying!

You now can access Decatur’s most popular speed enforcement products through NASPO ValuePoint! Purchasing off a contract reduces the paperwork, cost and time in purchasing speed enforcement products, additionally we offer FREE shipping for all products within the continental US to all our NASPO customers!

  • Contract #00218
  • Access our products in the NASPO Police Radar contract
  • Contact us to learn how you can execute a NASPO
  • Participating Addendum for your state.


Richmond, Maine
(318) 248-6108

Chase Electronics
Winnsboro, Louisiana
(318) 248-6108

DAVTECH Analitical Services, Inc.
Ottawa, Canada
+1 (613) 831-6009

Please click HERE to send in a repair form. Please provide as much information as possible so that we may help you better.

We respond within one business day.


Our highly trained customer service representatives are ready to help you with all of your questions and concerns.

Decatur Electronics maintains a network of distributors for your convenience. Please select a distributor who is nearby to your location.  Click HERE to find a representative near you.

Decatur Electronics radar guns are extremely robust and durable and are designed to give you many years of worry free use. If you think that your device isn’t working properly or simply need an updated certification, contact a nearby factory authorized service center.

Most states have set up their own standards to regulate the timing of radar certification. Since each state is different, Decatur recommends that you check with your local state regulators.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSHA) recommends, as a minimum, that each speed-measuring device be tested for measurement accuracy within a period of 3 years prior to an alleged violation in which the device was used to collect evidence for presentation in court and whenever the device undergoes repair.

Decatur Electronics radar guns are extremely durable. Simply power up and perform a device test. If the gun doesn’t doesn’t pass the test, contact a Decatur Electronics authorized repair center.

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Decatur Electronics is the premiere manufacturer of police radar, traffic safety equipment and speed measurement devices in the world. Contact us today to learn more about our cutting-edge technology, operator friendly features and product applications. Find a representative near you or call +1 800 428-4315

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