SVR-3D: Next Generation Surface Velocity Radar

The handheld SVR 3D allows hydrologists to quickly and safely determine the surface velocity of water. Using historically profiled cross-section of rivers and discharge rates, hydrologists can use the portable handheld SVR 3D to easily and efficiently obtain real-time data to estimate the water discharge rates during flooding in order to make scientific based decisions to alert control centers.  The SVR 3D is the latest model from Decatur Electronics and features a color display, outstanding battery life, only 1.8 lbs weight as well as many more outstanding features.

Decatur’s Handheld Surface Velocity Radar is now even better with the introduction of the SVR 3D.

The SVR-3D Features

  • Fast measurements
  • Tilt sensor for auto correcting cosine correction
  • Color Display – with screens that show true radar spectrum display
  • Picatinny rail for mounting or accessory mounting
  • Long battery life (>25 hours)
  • Light Weight at only 1.8lbs
  • Rugged, able withstand 1.5 meter drop
  • USB interface for charging and transfer of data
  • Store and recall 32K time stamped readings

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