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On Site 300MX

OnSite 300MX Affordable And Versatile Traffic Calming. Any car with a common ball mount hitch can tow this small, lightweight trailer. Move it to your area of interest, roll down the trailer’s jacks, swing up the display, select your speed triggers and effects and you’re ready to slow traffic. With easy deployment, a tough steel frame and a price you can afford, the OS 300MX makes a great addition to your traffic enforcement arsenal.

The Onsite Matrix Display Features

  • MUTCD compliant display
  • 25” x 19” (64 x 48 pixel) full matrix display with ultra bright white LEDs (also available in amber)
  • Can show speed, graphic images or text based on speed triggers
  • 18 preloaded text messages, 13 Spanish messages, 14 graphic images
  • 1, 2 or 3 line custom messages. Seven character per line maximum
  • Can also show message/graphic/text based on vehicle detection

The OS 300MX Radar Trailer Features

  • Two 6V 450AH batteries gives 5 day run time (in average traffic density)
  • Calm traffic using novel combinations of vehicle speeds, graphical icons and text messages
  • Precision engineered steel frame. Strong yet repairable
  • Weather Resistant Zinc Primer & White Powder Coat Top Layer
  • Proudly made in the USA

The OS 300MX Radar Trailer Options

  • EZ Stat data logger for speed data collection and reporting
  • 7 day 24 hour timer to control on/off cycles
  • Traffic Cone Holder for added driver safety
  • Extra Batteries double run time
  • 100W Solar Panel extended recharge cycles
  • Red, Blue, Amer or White LED flashers (one or two) alerts speeders
  • Lockable Pelican Case for Secure Storage

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