G-3 Advanced Police Traffic Radar

There are hundreds of sworn law enforcement officers across United States and Canada already utilizing this compact and light police radar-it is packed with features you need and expect. The G3 embodies the best of the widely accepted Genesis G2 radar system and adds refinements in the technology, packaging, reliability, ease of use and cost to maximize government’s investment in systems for traffic enforcement.

G3 Mounting Brackets​

Suction cup bracket mount for Ka-Band antenna kit to be affixed to the windshield glass.
SCUP Bracket kit included with the purchase of Genesis G3 Police Radar.

Part Number: G3-BRACKETS-scup

Mounts Ka-Band antenna to the dash or deck (mounts on flat surface). Includes Velcro and thumbscrews.

Part Number :S758-34-0SAN

May be used to mount G3 main computer or just the display. Includes removable suction cups. Mounts to holes in the G3 computer case.

Part Number :S758-51-0

Can be glued on to the front / rear windows or screwed down with two mounting holes, Glue is included.

Part Number :S773-239-0

Optional weatherproof solution for their Directional Ka-Band antennas that allows exterior installations. Our weatherproof solution for the G3 police radar antennas is rated to withstand moisture and rain and is designed in all-black for stealthy installations.

Part Number :S795-49-0

Powerful Magnet Mount Kit for the G3 Hand Remote – attached your hand remote to the vehicle dashboard for easy and quick access at all times.

Part Number :S795-42-0

Versatile Police Radar System​

  • State-of-the-art digital police radar system utilizing 32-bit floating point DSP processing
  • Ka directional with truly outstanding performance
  • Compact size smaller, lighter without compromising usability
  • Easy to read alpha numeric amber displays –best readability in the industry.
  • Operational compatibility with the G2-no retraining required
  • Highest quality with lowest cost
  • All black design for stealthy installs
  • Right sized wireless hand remote with magnetic mount
  • Detachable front display, capable of remote mounting
  • Features you need and expect in your workhorse radar system at a price that will delight
  • Directional target, same target, and same direction processing modes are all standard
  • Unparalleled reliability
  • Best life cycle costs due to reliability and low cost wear components
  • COPS interface
  • Easy Mounting
  • CAN/VSS –Auto switching using optional VIP
  • Listed on NHTSA’s Conforming Product List (CPL)

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