Scout 2

The SCOUT 2 offers the largest LCD white on black display in the market. “Over & under” speed display, will simultaneously show Fast and Strong speed targets.

It has been over 65 years since Decatur Electronics developed its first police radar. While maintaining Decatur’s life-long purpose of saving lives through speed enforcement, we have created our newest value priced handheld police radar.

Direction-Sensing Stationary K-Band Handheld Radar

The SCOUT 2 embodies all the features you want and nothing you don’t. Its a k-band directional handheld radar, backed by Decatur’s 65 year reliability and simplicity. It weighs about a pound and includes the largest LCD display in the market for outstanding readability with intuitive “over and under” white on black target speed display.

  • Directional target acquisition (towards/away & both – direction sensing)
  • Intuitive “over & under” speed display, fast/strong displayed simultaneously
  • Large 2.8” white on black LCD Display with auto-dimmable capabilities
  • Faster target or Strongest Signal mode
  • Display compatible with Polarized sunglasses
  • 3 Year Full Warranty -longest warranty in the market!
  • Lock target speed for easier traffic violation handling
  • Customizable automatic power off – longer battery life!
  • 7 days of usage in between charges -estimated for regular law enforcement usage
  • Charge indicator- low battery alert to secure your radar is always operational
  • USB charging port
  • Skid resistant enclosure

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