Decatur Electronics Acquired From D&K Engineering, Inc.


December 2022
San Diego, California

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Decatur Electronics acquired from D&K Engineering, Inc

San Diego CA –The Managing Partners of Decatur Electronics LLC, are pleased to announce the acquisition of Decatur Electronics, Inc from D&K Engineering, Inc., of San Diego, California. Mr. Dale Visneskie, CEO, and Mr. William Janes, COO, of Decatur Electronics, LLC will take up operational Executive Management of Decatur Electronics effective immediately.

The above executive team possesses over a century of Public Safety and Law Enforcement market experience.

Founded in Decatur Illinois in 1955, Decatur Electronics is the oldest designer and manufacturer of traffic speed and special application measurement devices utilized in worldwide applications.

In addition to serving mission-critical public safety markets, Decatur Electronics’ Surface Velocity radar devices have become the leader in innovation within the global hydrology measurement and environmental services market throughout Asia and the developing world.

Chief Executive Officer, Dale Visneskie commented, “Being proud of our past while expanding in our future is an exciting time for our team and a new chapter for North America’s most established brand in law enforcement speed measurement. We look forward to continuing a strong relationship with the D&K engineering team, our supply chain partners worldwide and building upon the outstanding global network of dealers and distributors in North America and Internationally”.

Dale Visneskie and Bill Janes are available to address any questions you may have. Their contact info is:

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