VIP-2 (The Vehicle Interface Portal)

The Vehicle Interface Portal 2 (VIP-2)

The Vehicle Interface Portal (VIP-2) adapter is an accessory for our G3 moving radar, which enhances the radar’s patrol speed acquisition. The VIP-2 no longer requires electrical connection to the patrol vehicle’s computer (OBDII), simplifying the install and future proofing your purchase.

If and when your department  upgrades vehicles, and needs to transfer their G3 radar  unit, it will be as simple as to disconnect and plug it in the new vehicle.

Highlights of the VIP2:

  1. Eliminates shadowing 100%
  2. It does not require electrical connection to the patrol vehicle
  3. Compact – it will not obstruct your view or clatter your dashboard.
  4. Automatic switch between stationary and moving modes
  5. Faster power up and 1st speed acquisition
  6. Compatible with the new G3 and backwards compatible with the G2S
  7. Voltage range 10 – 25 VDC
  8. Update rate nominal 5 times per second, maximum 10 times per second
  9. Integrated internal antenna or compatible with passive or active external antennas
  10. Integrated SMA connector for interface to an external antenna

The VIP2 is designed exclusively for the Decatur Electronics in-car police radar unit (G3, or Genesis II Select) and it will be supplied as an optional item.