OnSite 75MX

OnSite 75MX

The OnSite 75MX is an affordable and reliable speed monitoring tool. The OnSite 75MX is designed for easy positioning in areas where you want to monitor traffic from a permanent location.

The Onsite Matrix Display Features

  • MUTCD compliant display
  • 25” x 19” (64 x 48 pixel) full matrix display with ultra bright white LEDs (also available in amber)
  • Can show speed, graphic images or text based on speed triggers
  • 18 preloaded text messages, 13 Spanish messages, 14 graphic images
  • 1, 2 or 3 line custom messages.  Seven character per line maximum
  • Can also show message/graphic/text based on vehicle detection

The Onsite 75MX Features

  • AC powered or 100W Solar option
  • 7 day 24 hour timer
  • Pole mounted

The Onsite 75MX Options

  • Additional 100W Solar Panel (solar powered version only)
  • 7 day 24 hour timer to control on/off cycles
  • Red, Blue, Amer or White LED flashers (one or two) alerts speeders