OnSite 200MX

OnSite 200MX  Modular Speed Display Dolly

The OnSite 200MX Speed Dolly is portable speed sign that is ideal for short term use in school zones, gate communities and industrial parking lots. It is very easy to deploy, setup  and store.

The Onsite Matrix Display Features

  • 25” x 19” (64 x 48 pixel) full matrix display with ultra bright white LEDs (also available in amber)
  • Can show speed, graphic images or text based on speed triggers
  • 18 preloaded text messages, 13 Spanish messages, 14 graphic images
  • 1, 2 or 3 line custom messages.  Seven character per line maximum
  • Can also show message/graphic/text based on vehicle detection

The Onsite 200MX Features

  • Over-sized battery compartment allows for up to 4 batteries for extended run times between recharging.
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Zinc Primer & white Powder Coat Finish Layer

The OS 200MX Optional Features

  • SCHOOL sign
  • Red, Blue, Amer or White LED flashers (one or two) alerts speeders
  • MUTCD complaint speed limit sign with changeable digits
  • High capacity battery option