EZ Stat

EZ Stat Records Traffic Data and Create Reports

Vehicle speed data logger that is compatible with the Onsite line of products. Traffic data (up to 130,000 records) can then be easily downloaded into a custom Excel form making data analysis, graphing and reporting simple.

Examples of Traffic Data Recorded by the EZ Stat Traffic Data Logger:

  • Traffic data survey reports
  • Max traffic speeds
  • Average traffic speeds
  • Traffic time/speed intervals
  • Number of vehicles above traffic speed limit
  • Total number of vehicles

Using The EZ Stat Data Logger

Simply plug the EZ Stat into the data port on any of Decatur’s Onsite products and the EZ Stat will begin recording traffic data when the trailer is powered  on.

After tracking for a period of time, shut down the trailer, remove the EZ Stat and hook it up to your computer to take advantage of the EZ Stat Software.

EZ Stat Traffic Data Logger Software

The EZ Stat software creates user-friendly, easily analyzed traffic data charts in Microsoft Excel  using the data you’ve recorded.

The software simplifies traffic data analysis and offers an array of chart templates so you can generate charts of traffic data with only a few clicks.