Decatur Electronics – D&K Engineering Announcing New SVR Products

SI-3L SVR and SVR DUAL Surface Velocity and Discharge Measurement.

Decatur Electronics proudly introduces two new units determining water surface velocity and discharge measurement:  The SI-3L SVR and SVR DUAL.  Building on the innovation and success of the portable SVR handheld unit, both the SI-3L SVR and SVR DUAL offer quick and permanent installation, low power consumption, and a variety of measurement and communication protocols.  Beyond these capabilities, the SVR DUAL design incorporates a second radar transceiver to measure water level (derived from water surface height). In conjunction with our water discharge modeling software, this allows the SVR DUAL to calculate and output the important water discharge rate.

Discharge Measurement Modeling Software.

Decatur Electronics proudly introduces a new software program that allows the end user to model a river or stream for calculating the discharge rate within the SVR DUAL.  Various parameters are input into the software to help define the river model including but not limited to; the profile of the river, height of the radar installation, simulated river levels, K values to offset error differences between the surface velocity and interior velocity of the water column and minimum water boundary cutoff level.  Once the model is created, the software loads the parameters into the SVR DUAL where real time discharge is computed.  In addition, to help improve accuracy of the water discharge rate, the software allows previously validated water discharge rates and corresponding water levels to be input providing the radar with known good values that enhance discharge calculations.

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